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2019 Trip Schedule

Spring 2019 (Ghana) April 11-23

Summer 2019 (Ghana) June 15-27

Summer 2019 (Kenya) July TBD

Winter 2019 (Ghana) December 27th-January 7th


Think Kindness is committed our mission of spreading global acts of kindness.  Each year we put together groups of caring students and adults who then carry out our mission by traveling to Africa.

We currently work with orphanages in both Ghana and Kenya.

Whether you are a school group, church group, or an individual we will work together to make an African journey a reality for you.

Costs per trip vary, however we will work with your group or organization to fundraise and get you there.  There are multiple ways to ensure your trip is not a financial burden.

We work with only the best organizations to ensure the comfort and safety of all our volunteers in Africa.

For more information please click the RSVP box and we will contact you with further information and answers to any questions you may have.


“My daughter fell in love with everything around her. The food, the people, the culture, the history, the attire, the singing and dancing, the landscape, and most of all the children. There is not a day that goes by that my daughter does not talk about her time spent in Africa. It truly impacted her life in the most amazing way. She yearns to go back and would go back at a moments notice.  Thank you Think Kindness for making this dream of hers become a reality. Thank you for believing in all things good, even when chaos and distractions get in your way. Thank you for an opportunity that our hearts will never forget!”


“As a teacher, it was an amazing experience to travel with my students to Africa.  Seeing the looks on their faces as they made connections with everyone we encountered was amazing.  The team at Think Kindness and their partners in Africa made the trip worry-free and we were able to really focus all our attention on doing good things for the people of the villages we visited and lived in.  I hope to return with more students in the future.”


“This trip also opened my eyes to the poverty of developing countries in a whole new way, and at the same time I got to see just how happy everyone was despite those circumstances. I miss Ghana everyday and I hope to return soon to work more with Think Kindness and VIMA. After this trip, I have grown to firmly believe that everyone should have the chance to go on a trip like this with such amazing people and gain a valuable world perspective. I got to meet the most wonderful people and make long-lasting connections with all of them.”