Spread Kindness During Super Bowl 51

Are you ready for the biggest game of the year? Are you ready to be blown away by Lady Gaga during the halftime show? Are you wanting to turn your game day celebration into an even bigger celebration, a celebration for kindness?

This Super Bowl, you can make a commitment to sending a positive message to the entire world because the entire world will be watching. Billions around the world will be taking to their social media and digital accounts to share their excitement for the game and to connect with family and friends from all locations. As such, this is the perfect opportunity to share your kindness with everyone around you… and everyone online!

If you are wanting to make the biggest plays of the night by spreading love and kindness to one another, use these six simple tips to do so!

Send positive texts to 10 people in your phone

During the big game, perhaps during any timeout or commercial break, choose 10 of your friends and family to send a positive and encouraging text message to! You can send them a quote, let them know you’re thinking of them, or simply say “hey!”

Consider reaching out to those you haven’t connected with in a while; they would love to hear from you and reconnect!

You never know how much your communication can impact them in a powerfully profoundly positive way, so give it a try!

Post an encouraging message on Facebook

Take to your Facebook account and post a beautiful and empowering message to your friends! There is a lot of negativity in the community as of recent, so you can really shine a bright light on a world that has been feeling a little gloomy lately.

Tell your friends how much they mean to you, how important and valuable they are, and maybe even thank them for being part of your life!

Let your friends know you’re always available for them if they need to chat and need someone to talk to. You never know how you can help them in their time of need.

Post a motivational quote on Twitter

Use your Twitter account to share your favorite motivational quote! Try posting at the beginning of the game and then retweeting your own tweet during halftime so as many people as possible can see your good and kind words.

If your quote is more than 140 characters, perhaps post a photo of the quote with some fun emojis to make your followers smile!

Be sure to use the hashtag #KickOffForKindness to join us and The Born This Way Foundation in connecting with one another and millions around the world who are making the commitment to share kindness during the Super Bowl. You can use the hashtag to start conversations and make new friends who are just as committed to loving and inspiring one another as you are!

Learn more about The Born This Way Foundation’s #KickOffForKindness Watch Party here.

Post an inspiring photo on Instagram

What’s your favorite inspiring photo that makes your heart happy over and over again?

Make the hearts of others happy too by posting this photo to your Instagram account! Include an empowering caption (and perhaps throw in your sense of humor) to really make your friends and followers smile!

Email a customized e-card to friends and family

Do you have a lot of close companions you stay connected with via email?

Send them a happy, joyful, and joy-filled e-card before, during, and/or after the game! Share your favorite parts of the game and tell them how you’ve been doing recently (don’t forget to ask them how they’ve been too!).

Share any form of motivation that you would like, anything from your favorite quote to the same inspiring messages and photos you might be sharing on your social media sites. Tell them of your passion toward sharing light and kindness and encourage them to do the same in the following weeks.

Challenge your friends and family to doing one small act of kindness in the coming week and in the weeks thereafter. Who knows, you might just be creating a kindness chain!

Make cards of kindness and mail them Monday

We all know someone who is not a fan of social media, emailing, and the digital world (and that’s completely okay!); they need kindness too! And sometimes, in the digital age, we tend to forget about reaching out to these individuals.

During the game, commit to making handmade cards of kindness, decorating them with your best, favorite drawings and including your words of positivity and encouragement into them. Then, on Monday, send them in the mail to your friends and family (and family friends) who might not have social media accounts. They would love to hear from you and be inspired by you too!

Although you will have to pay for postage, it will be more than worth it seeing as that you will be causing radiant and beaming smiles for weeks to come.

This Super Bowl, let’s flood the world with love, inspiration, and kindness. Make a commitment to using your voice for the greatest good that you can. Remember, during this night, the whole world is listening to you. Let your aura shine as brightly as you possibly can!