4 Police Acts of Kindness

There are heroes among us.

Dressed in black and blue uniforms, police officers place themselves in harm’s way each and every single day to protect our safety and serve their communities.

Often, police officers go above and beyond the call of duty to take their social responsibilities to the next level, caring for the community in even more great and more impactful ways.

Take a look at these 4 inspirational acts of police kindness and see how police officers are making beautifully tremendous and positive impacts in their communities. These stories are sure to bring bright smiles to your faces!

Police Officer Pulls People Over to Give Them Ice Cream

Officer Ed Smith of the Warner Robins Police Department in Georgia recently made getting pulled over a treat.

Rather than giving tickets, the officer gave Dairy Queen Blizzards (and warnings) to drivers he pulled over. The idea was part of Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day where $1 from each Dairy Queen Blizzard that is sold benefits hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network.

“Most of them were in complete disbelief. One girl’s face, it was worth a thousand words. She thought she was in a lot of trouble,” Smith stated. Officer Smith did note: “We can’t violate their Fourth Amendment rights, so there had to be probable cause for the stop to be made.”

Jennifer Parson, Public Information Officer of the Warner Robins Police Department further stated, “Miracle Treat Day happens all over the country, but what we did was try to get into the community.”

Officer Smith concluded, “We want to be a community-oriented police department. It’s always nice to get out there, in front of the public, and do things that are positive, especially in this day and time.”

Officer Smith and the Warner Robins Police Department showed that true acts of kindness make the biggest difference and the strongest impact in the community. One woman who was pulled over remarked, “This is the best pull over I ever got.”

Police Officers Purchase Car Seats for Family in Need

12105929_736743923098920_5512066639971140700_nRecently, a police officer in Texas pulled over a vehicle during a traffic stop for a malfunctioning light and an expired registration. However, when he pulled the car over, he saw something he didn’t expect: Three children were in the car and none of them had car seats. Officer Justin Gower who pulled the family over decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. He and fellow officer Cale Hawkins purchased three car seats from the local Walmart and gave them to the family right there on the spot rather than give the family a ticket. The car seats were purchased for three girls, ages 1, 3, and 4.

Officer Hawkins knew the that man operating the vehicle had lived in his car previously and was saving money to bring his family to the local area via bus. Police stated that the family has been reunited and living in a hotel.

After learning about the situation the family was in, Officer Gower and Officer Hawkins decided to purchase the car seats instead of giving the ticket.

Regarding the family’s situation, Officer Gower stated,“They’re trying to get things going, they’re going in the right direction, and to issue them three citations for each child would just devastate them. Money is not the issue, it’s the issue of can you help them, and so that was the easiest way we saw, the fastest path to helping them.”

In a statement released by the police department, the father of the family stated, “It was nothing short of a miracle. It was something that was really needed. The officers have been a blessing.”

The Cedar Park Police Department took to social media to share the news of the officer’s work of kindness with the greater community and sent their thanks for the community’s positive support. “We also want to mention that this behavior is reflective of not only Cedar Park Police Officers, but police officers throughout our country who do things like this each day. We are honored to wear a badge and even more so to serve this community,” the department stated online.

Police Officer Gives Kindness and Love to Lost Boy

Recently, a police officer comforted a boy in need during the Rice Festival in Crowley, Louisiana and the officer’s act of kindness has gone viral.


The photo above shows officer David Taylor comforting a lost boy at the festival event. The boy was believed to be around three years old and was brought to the officer thanks to the kindness of a festival vendor.

A bystander nearby took the photo of the moment and shared the moment to Twitter where it has since made positive impacts through waves across the Internet.

“I put him on my shoulders so he could see his mom and his mom could see him, but he was getting tired, so I moved him down to my chest and he fell asleep on my shoulder,” Officer Taylor stated about the event.

The officer brought the boy to the local police station. He placed two chairs together so that the boy could continue sleeping. When the child awoke, the officer and the boy shared a brownie on the steps outside the station.

Shortly after, the family of the boy turned the corner as he ran to them, happy as can be. About the family, officer Taylor stated, “They were so worried about him and had been looking all day for him, so you can imagine how relieved they were to see him.”

“There was over 2,000 people there that day, which can be scary for a little tyke like him. It also makes losing people much easier,” the officer concluded.

Police Officers Fulfill Child’s Wish of Becoming a Police Officer

Five year old Shavez Forte’s dream came true.

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, including a Stage 4 brain tumor, his mother Joallen Forte of Pittsfield, Massachusetts wanted to make his day brighter, so she contacted Trisha Carlo, a police officer and church friend.


Then, Officer Darren Derby of Pittsfield Police Department picked Shavez up from kindergarten and took him to the police station, giving Shavez his very own police badge, uniform, and handcuffs. Then, officers in the station gave Shavez a swearing-in ceremony to make matters official.

The officers knew Shavez wanted to “catch a bad guy,” so two of Officer Derby’s fellow detectives acted out a disturbance.

Officer Derby remarked, “Shavez was a little afraid when we first entered the garage where they were pretend fighting, but then I told them to stop and get on the ground with their arms behind their backs, which is when he helped me put handcuffs on them.”

Afterward, Shavez was shown around the detective bureau and the jail cell by Officer Derby and his comrades. Shavez was even given the opportunity to sit at the chief’s desk and in his chair!

From there, Shavez learned some police techniques for defense where he was able to use a foam training baton to take some swings at a punching bag. He and his fellow officers then went to the Pittsfield Fire Department where he met firefighters, took a tour of the station and the facilities, and even rode in a fire truck.

About the entire day, Officer Derby stated, “He was feeling a little weak that day,” said Derby, “but he’s fighting this battle with courage and bravery, which are traits that will make him a great officer one day. He touched and inspired a lot of the officers in ways we didn’t think were possible.”

Amazingly powerful stories like these are occurring in your community on a daily basis.

By getting involved in our communities and spreading love and inspiration through social kindness, we can be those heroes too.

Take some time this week to thank your local police officers and first responders and share kindness with everyone you can.