5 Practical Tips to Share Your Kindness

Being kind to one another is one of the greatest things we can do in our lives. When we are kind to each other, we empower the greatest good in those around us and we encourage everyone in need to keep fighting, keep going, and keep holding on. Life is a journey that we are all in together, so when we are kind to each other, we are shining lights as beacons of hope.

It’s easy to be kind. All it takes to be kind is a positive attitude and a genuine spirit for wanting to empower the world for love and peace to be shared together with one another in a beautiful humanity.

Here are 5 practical ways you can be kind to your world wherever you are in this very exact moment:

Say Hello

One of the most kind things you can do in this very moment is say hello to someone around you. By simply saying hi, you are showing how much you care about this individual, their wellbeing, and the person they are.

Saying hello is a simple way to showcase your humanity and inspire kindness in the world around you.

Say Please & Thank You

Saying please and thank you whenever you can at moments and times that are most important to you is a beautiful way to spread kindness. These simple words and phrases hold profound meaning in kindness.

These words have been lost over the years. We have forgotten how important they are in sharing our care with one another. Saying please and thank you is more than being nice and polite; they are about embracing our love for each other.

Smile At Everyone You Encounter

Your smile is one of the best ways you can glow and share your shine. We often don’t realize just how impactful our smiles can be; they truly have the incredible power to brighten somebody’s day.

Has anyone smiled at you when you were having a bad day? Then, did you suddenly start smiling in return and did you find new hope in the day?

This is the magnificence of what smiling can do.

You never know what someone might be going through, so by simply sharing a smile with them, you have the opportunity to brighten their day and lift their mood.

Hold The Door Open

Just like how sharing a smile can brighten someone’s day, so can holding the door open for them. No matter who you are holding the door open for, the individual(s) you are doing so for will find genuine kindness in your act.

This is a simple way to share your kindness and empower others to do the same. If you notice, oftentimes, when one person holds the door open for someone, another person will hold another door open for someone else.

If you are ready to start a chain of intentional acts of kindness, holding the door open for someone is a great place to begin.

Give Out Free Hugs

If you want to really show those around you how much they matter to you and to the entire world, give them a hug. Hugs are a symbol of love and thankfulness and they send beautiful messages of worth to the recipient.

When you share your hug with those around you, you are showing your fellow humans what kindness is and what kindness feels like.

Add an extra smile and a hello to your hug and you will be empowering kindness in a multitude of bountiful ways! Others will be moved by your kindness that they will begin sharing their kindness too!

Are you ready to share your kindness with your family, your friends, your community, and the world around you? By implementing these 5 simple and practical tips into your daily life, you will be able to showcase your kindness, encouraging the greatest feelings of love in everyone. Go out and be kind today!