5 Camping Acts of Kindness

For many of us here at Think Kindness we treasure our summer for the amazing adventures, it brings. Several of us can’t wait until we receive news that not only Tioga Pass opens its summer gates, but also when the Tuolumne Meadows campground has space. (we’ve been lucky getting in each year).

Every time I visit Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite, I am shocked by all of the amazing random acts of Kindness that go on constantly throughout the campground, on the trails, and literally, in the middle of no-where. Which inspired me to to compiled a list of some of the 5 best Random Acts of Kindness that you can do while camping. It was hard to limit this list to just 5 things, but each one of these things I was the recipient of – and it felt great!

buildfirewood-camping-acts-of-kindnessBuild A Ready-To-Light  Welcome Camp Fire
Start someone’s vacation off with a Kind Act! Get their firepit all ready with a ready to light camp fire. Leave behind a note that says something like, “Welcome to Yosemite. This is an amazing place, filled with amazing people – please pay it forward and carry on its Legacy”.

trailmarker-camping-acts-of-kindnessBuild A Trail Marker
If you ever are walking on a trail, loose your way slightly and think, “Oh, if there was a sign back there I would have found my way better.” Then grab some rocks and build a nice trail marker for others. Its always well appreciated – plus its fun for the kids when they come back next year and see its still there!

Firewood Delivery
If you are on your way our, feel free to leave behind or walk-up to another camp and leave behind some of your firewood. This is always a joy when someone just got from a big hike and is tired!


couplephoto-camping-acts-of-kindness Take Someone’s Photo
Many couples travel long distances to see our breath taking Sierra Mountains. Anyone who’s been in a relationship can always relate to the, “I wish someone was there to take a picture of both of us”. So, if you are along a hike and see a couple gazing and taking pictures of the amazing view, offer to take their picture. Just be sure to take a couple extra pictures and wear the wrist strap if it has one . . . just in case.


friendlywave-camping-acts-of-kindnessPull Over and Wave
The roads in campgrounds are small, enough room for barely one car. Pack this full of two cars and people walking to the meadows to see the sunset and your in for a treat. Be patient – pull over and give everyone a nice hello until the coast is clear. Sometimes we see the people bringing their LA hustle lifestyle into the campground. . . no fun. Be social, patient, and enjoy the atmosphere.

If you have other acts of Kindness that you’ve received or done while camping, please leave a comment below, we’d love to get some new ideas!