5 Thanksgiving Kindness Ideas

Holidays can be stressful – yes we get it! But it can also be a greattime to teach some valuable life lessons and create memories that you will remember for a lifetime.

This holiday season I’m sure your gonna stuff your face full of some turkey, pie and more pie. Then you’ll fall into a food comma and BOOM. . . shopping season has officially started. (despite the fact I found ‘black Friday’ sales over a week ago).

So here are some great Thanksgiving Themed Kindness ideas you can do with your family!

Take “I’m Thankful For Photos” For Instagram

Take photos of what you are thankful for. . . use the HASHTAG #IMThankfulFor & #ThinkKindness


Its quick and super easy. Just buy a package of 5 Thank You cards at your local grocery store – some stamps, colorful pens and your address book. Trust me your kids will LOVE to send out some surprise notes in the mail. In the age of digital. . . this is a true and genuine surprise.

Have a smile competition

Rules of the game: When you pull up to a red light, smile at the person in the car next to you. If they smile back you get 1 point! See who can get the most points.

Bake an extra pie for someone you love.

If your baking 1 pie. . . why not bake 2 or 3?!? Then give one randomly to someone who would least expect it!

Buy Pizza For A Small Local Business

There a several small business that are grinding away in your city. One may even stand out to you! It may be your local florist, coffeeshop, day care, vet hospital or salon – – send them a pizza. Trust me it will be an act of kindness they haven’t seen in a long-time.

Brian is considered one of the Nations Top Youth Speakers and is the founder of Think Kindness. He has spoken to over 600,000 students across the country, documented over 1.5 million acts of kindness, traveled to Africa 14 times, is the author of KINDNESS NINJA and is the executive producer of the Inspire Hope Film. Brian currently travels the country inspiring kindness in schools across America.