Class Performs 250+ Acts of Kindness

A few weeks ago, I challenged my daughters’ 5th and 2nd grade classes to a “Secret Mission!” The mission was to do secret acts of kindness for seven straight days, but the catch was that they couldn’t tell people what they were doing – they just had to do something nice for the people around them! I asked their teachers if we could do the “Secret Mission” in their classroom and both were more than happy to have their classes participate!

Each child received an envelope with instructions, along with a tracking sheet for what they did and the mission was ON! There was no one telling them they HAD to do it, and it was up to the kids to complete their mission! Out of about 50 kids, almost 40 completed the mission and over 250 random acts of kindness were completed! So what did these amazing kids do during their Mission? Here are some of the acts of kindness that were performed during the week:

  • I cleaned my room without being asked to.
  • I helped a little girl cross a street.
  • I picked up any trash that I saw all day.
  • I made dinner for my family.
  • I laughed at my brother’s joke even though it wasn’t funny (!!)
  • I smiled at three random people.
  • I told my parents that I appreciate them.
  • I hung out with the new girl who was lonely at basketball.
  • I gave a homeless man some oranges.
  • I helped my brother clean his room before I cleaned mine. We did it without being asked.
  • I helped my sister get up when she fell skiing.
  • I gave my Mom an “I Love You” note.
  • I helped an old lady put her store bought stuff in her car at WalMart.
  • I washed the dishes without being asked.
  • I told my sister that I love her.

The Mission was a simple one – do something nice for another person without their knowledge and the kids did a great job of making the Mission a success! Encouraging kindness doesn’t take much effort, most people want to participate in something that makes them and others feel good. So the question is…what can we all do to encourage kindness every day? What can you do to promote kindness at home, at work, or anywhere that you spend time? Make it YOUR Mission to brighten the lives of others and start the ripple of kindness! And remember to tell us about what you are doing so we can all be more inspired!