A Creative Way to Encourage Kindness

On the last day of school, my daughter, who just completed second grade, came home with a Compliment Rainbow.  She proudly and tenderly carried it home on the bus and it was the first thing she wanted to show me on her last day of school for the year.

Each child had colored popsicle sticks glued to a ribbon, with their name on the top popsicle stick.  Their peers were then given the opportunity to write a compliment about that person on one of the sticks.

I was really touched by her teacher’s thoughtful and positive project for the children at the end of the school year.  Not only does it remind my daughter of her friends from school, but it reminds her of the positive thoughts her friends and classmates had about her.

The compliments echoed the impressions I have of my own daughter as a person, and it made me so proud to know that the character she has at home is shining through when she is in a school setting.

I recall when I was in school that I did a similar activity where I had a piece of paper taped to my back, as did all of my classmates.  We were instructed to walk around the classroom and write what we like about that person on their piece of paper, so that the compliments were anonymous.

Are there any other teachers out there that have done a similar project?  Please share in the comments!