Parenting Advice From A Sniper

From loosing his father at an early age, getting arrested by 19 to becoming an elite Marine Corp Scout Sniper, Gary Xavier offers parents some amazing advice on how to keep your family together and endure the adversity that life may throw at you. Drawing on his childhood experiences to his covert training amongst the militaries elite, he give parents actionable take-a-ways that will improve your family culture.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Behind-the-scenes of Marine Scout Sniper Training
  • First thing you need to admit as a parent
  • How to create a cohesive family environment & relationship
  • Importance of a family mission and value statement
  • The three core pieces of the family cohesive model

Quotes From This Episode

“The first thing families have to reconcile is that your family is vulnerable.” 
Gary Xavier

“STOP giving your child all the resources you think they need and start teaching them how to be resourceful.”
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“Just because you are raising your voice, doesn’t make you any more heard.” 
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Meet Gary Xavier

Gary Xavier

Twitter: @GaryXavier

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