How to make your zoom calls more fun

Whether you’re in pre-k -12, college, someone in the working world or just participating in a family/friend gathering, Zoom has become accepted by almost everyone.  Zoom is super easy to use but the only thing offered to spice up the call is a variety of unique backgrounds . Once that is set up, all that’s left to do is sit and listen. This leads to getting a little too comfy on the couch during class or getting distracted by the rest of the world around you. In order to make video calls more enjoyable and exciting, we have created a short list of some props for everyone (especially those in a classroom setting) to use or some things for people to do during the call to keep everyone’s attention on the call.

Here is the list

  1. Dress up in costumes! (this could mean anything from capes and robes to wigs and fun masks)
  2. Photo Booth Props such as oversized sunglasses, bow ties, boas, hats, hand-held signs, party horns etc.
  3. Use a treasure chest with a surprise inside that is revealed at the end of the call but the host can use hints throughout the call to keep the listeners intrigued.
  4. The host can use a microphone and make the Zoom call similar to a game show.
  5. Use a white board or something similar to write and draw on throughout the call.
  6. Use “you’re on mute” “we can’t hear you” “please turn your microphone off/on” hand-held signs.
  7. Create characters for different stuffed animals to transition into new topics or help make a point in a different perspective (puppets would be an excellent option for this!)
  8. Motivating people to participate in calls with small prizes like oversized candy (ex: one-pound Reese’s cup) or gift cards.
  9. Use big emoji’s to convey emotions and expressions in an exaggerated way!
  10. Use big playing cards in a game between participants to select someone to answer a question etc.