Defeat The Bully With Kindness

I have spoken to hundreds of school age children over the years and when I cover the topic about bullying, I always end my presentations with a talk about kindness.

Yes, being an expert in karate and self defense, most kids are looking for me to finish my talks by showing them some slick karate moves. As much as I hate to disappoint them, I share with them a tool that is much more powerful than kicking and punching.

Instead I talk to them about KINDNESS.

I truly believe kindness is the ultimate self defense and if we treated others with courtesy and respect, we would all get along a lot better.

Kindness has a way of “leveling” the playing field, just as striking a specific point on the attackers body can take them down with ease.

There is something “disarming” that kindness achieves. It can take anger, taunting and ridicule and turn it into something good.

Still not convinced?

Check out the video below of an incredible boy who was being bullied in high school and how one act, changed the entire school during the course of the year.

Really powerful stuff!

If you or someone you know is a victim of bullying, I am always available to help.

No strings attached.