Jack’s Kindness Awareness Project

The goal of this project was to create “What does kindness look like?” posters in a Kindergarten class with the students.

Jack, 6 years old, decided to display these posters in the public library/school library around books about kindness.

He then had the community vote on their favorite poster and 2 winners receive a gift card to then give someone else. Jack created voting boxes. collected votes, selected winners and interviewed them about who they are giving the certificates to and why. Him and his mom related story for local media.

Result in community awareness of kindness. With the displays available to both the student body and the public, hopefully the posters and voting opportunity will invite the community to read about kindness through the eyes of Kindergartners and get them to checkout the related books about kindness and to realize even our youngest citizens understand how important it is.

The kindergartners were very excited about creating their posters and proud to have them displayed. Many votes were cast and collected, a record of how many people were drawn to the display.

The success of this project really fell on the willingness of the institutions involved to embrace the project and support the idea–the school (teacher) and library (librarians)!

What materials are required to complete this project?
Poster paper and markers (to create posters), stapler/tape (to display posters), tubs and pen/paper for voting. The posters took only an hour to make, the displays were put up in 15 minutes and we had them up for 2 weeks at the school and a month at the public library

Who helped you make this project come together?
MHLT Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Eslinger. MHLT librarian assistant Marian Wenmen and substitute teacher Ann Ertl. Minocqua Public Library Director, Mary Taylor. MHLT PTO for donating the money for the gift certificates. CopyCat (laminated posters). BookWorld (gift certificates).