Kindness is Key

History of Kindness

What is Kindness?   We can find the definition of “kind” in the etymology dictionary as, “friendly, deliberately doing good to others; compassionate.” It was first used in the 13th Century, which began in the year 1201. We can find it in scriptures and we can find it in song.

Why Not Kindness, Why Not Now?

Do we truly know what Kindness is? Have we lost touch with what the meaning is and why it is important? Many cultures teach it and explain that it is an important element for humanity and the world we live in. Maybe we have heard the word “kindness”, but we may think, “I am not sure if I can take action in being kind.” You must ask yourself, “what is keeping me from being kind today?” Then set an intention when you wake up in the morning, that you will do an act of kindness when you have an opportunity.

Wayne Dyer said “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.” When we ponder this statement, we must understand that in this current reality that we live in, we must focus on the positive. This means that if we look at the happenings in the world, we can choose to see the positive and good, or we can dwell on the negative. It does not help, that the media and news is mostly negative. So, this is a call to bring out the positive and highlight it and share it with others.   We are the pioneers in making Good News and Positivity the Focus and Majority. I am happy to report that I have recently seen many news stories being shared and the big media groups reporting on them. Some of the quotes of these articles from Today and ABC News are, “There are some amazing people in this world”, and “People seem to be wanting to hear positive things.” This is great news and shows that we are making an impact with our good graces. Our acts of kindness bring inspiration and touch our hearts, which make us feel amazing. The thing about kindness is, when you take the step to act in a kind and generous way, you may be surprised at how wonderful it makes the person feel (you are doing it for) but also how amazing it makes you feel. This will have a ripple effect in a positive way. As Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Inspired by Kindness

As a descendant of Ralph Waldo Emerson (he is my 8th back Grandfather) I have an affinity with quotes and have always been inspired by quotes. One of his quotes that rings true in the name of Kindness is “You cannot do a kind act too soon, for you will never know how soon it will be too late.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson In the name of my ancestor, today is the day to do an act of kindness.  The time is NOW.

Kindness is Always in Fashion

A song can inspire a Flash Mob, so we may unite as one in the name of Kindness. “Sing a Song” by Earth Wind and Fire says, “Better Bring your heart to believing, Sing a Song, It’ll make your day. Smile, Smile, Smile and Believe, Sing a Song, It’ll make a way.” Believing that Kindness can make a difference is the first step. Take your positive energy and smile and make a difference today. Wrap Yourself in Kindness today and then wrap someone else in kindness. Kindness is Key.  Pass it on… It will inspire, and it will warm your heart as well as the heart of others. We are human, and we do have an innate ability to bring caring and compassion to others. Take a new perspective on how kindness is creating a positive affect on our world. I challenge you to pay it forward and wear your Kindness proudly. How can you inspire someone with your Kindness today?