Your New Year For Others

With so many people focusing on things they’d like to improve and achieve this year I would like to suggest something a bit different for your 2015. As you think about your goals, think also, about setting goals that are focused on helping others achieve their hopes and dreams. 

Perhaps you have a personal goal of reading one new fiction and one educational book each month to enrich your mind as well as just for regular enjoyment.  What if you set it up so that you start off by donating an educational book or audio program to someone in need, and then every month you complete your reading, you donate another book to someone else (or the same person)? 

For those of you that will do more for others than you will for yourself, this also creates a win-win by making you accountable to someone else, so that when you accomplish your goal someone else benefits as well and if you don’t accomplish your outcome, then somebody else loses out as well.  How’s that for good motivation to follow through. This is an effective usage of the carrot and the stick.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Now it might take a moment of work, but can you imagine the impact you can have on the life of another.  Instead of just donating money, food, or clothing, what if you were able to help guide someone less fortunate towards a path of empowerment through a good education.  What if your goal was to help enrich the life of one person this year?  Perhaps you could start a crowd funding site to help a local disadvantaged youth or for someone homeless who is willing to work their way out of their challenge.

How about this, let’s say you want to lose some weight this year.  Instead of the traditional “I’m going to lose “x” amount of pounds, how about “I’m going to join the local Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in order to mentor a kid who needs to improve their health and fitness.  I will lead by example and we will both help each other towards better health in 2015.”?

Commitment is important for any dream to become reality and making yourself accountable to someone or a group is one of the strongest ways to commit?  So this year, try setting goals that are other people focused and see where that takes you.

“The measure in which you give is the measure in which you receive!”

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below. What are some goals you can make that will help others?

 Now go forth and exercise your kindness muscles. Make acts of kindness a daily habit.
Make someone’s day and help to create a better world by being a Superhero for Kindness.-

teaching homeless

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