Spread Some Kindness

Anywhere you live and anywhere you go, random acts of kindness will present themselves. There may be a homeless gentleman on the side of the road, there may be an elderly woman grocery shopping who clearly needs help carrying her things, or there may be a pregnant mom with her hands full who just needs someone to open the door for her. There are plenty of scenarios in which we can portray the smallest act of kindness; and sometimes those small acts make a huge difference in someone’s day.

Exercising kindness takes habit. There is no limit on how you can exercise kind habits or do kind things. Any action you do for the better of someone or something else is portraying kindness. Sometimes it does not take much effort at all. Opening the door for the pregnant mother, helping the elderly lady pack the groceries in her car, or giving a few bucks to the gentleman on the side of the road. Many acts of kindness just take the will to do them.

These acts of kindness not only affect the people you do them for, but they also affect you. Have you ever been a volunteer for a local charity event? Ran a 5K for a good cause? These are all good examples of portraying kindness and feeling so good about it. Once you get in the habit of doing kind things on a daily basis, you influence others to do the same. Kindness is a wonderful habit to spread. The more we all exercise kindness, the more we reflect we a happier mindset, and spread it onto others.