Become a Kindness Ninja® Today!

Hey parents!

We are super excited about a new project Brian is launching called KINDNESS NINJA. Its a box subscription that makes kindness  fun for children!

Your child can become a Kindness Ninja® today!


Kindness Ninja® Boxes give your children practical ways to be kind in their communities and schools, with their peers and friends, and with you, their family

Kindness Ninja® Boxes put a fun and exciting spin on making a strong difference in the world. Your child can become the kindness warrior you (and they) have dreamed of becoming, working to fight for positivity and love throughout the world.

Each Kindness Ninja® Box is packed full of top-secret kindness missions that immerse your kids in living out consistent acts of kindness for all those around them.

Does your child have what it takes to become a Kindness Ninja®? Are you ready to help them succeed on their plans to take over the world in the best way possible… through kindness?

Sign-up now to get early access before Kindness Ninja® takes off at the end of July 2017