Bullying Incidents Decreased by
32% Immediately

Carson Valley Middle School

About Brian Williams

Brian has spoken to over 250,000 students across the country and is considered one of the Top Youth Speakers in the United States. He is a 4th degree black belt in martial arts, has documented over 2,000,000 acts of Kindness and has collected over 300,000 pairs of shoes for children around the world.


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Words can not explain how in shock our teachers where to see what Brian inspired in our school. Students still talk about his program!Sherry Wann | California Trail Middle School
I’ve never seen our students (and staff) so excited to be kind. I truly can’t thank Brian enough for the positive light he brought to our school.Diana Bowles | Stead Elementary School

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Its More Than Just An Assembly

A Comprehensive School-Wide Program That Delivers Results

unnamedSchool Assembly

Brian uses stories, video and pictures to showcase how one act of Kindness can truly impact someones life. But rather than just talk about it, he calls them to action!

unnamed-2Kindness Challenge

Each school is challenged to carry out daily acts of Kindness within their school, home and community. In addition, each school will also receive a Global Act of Kindness.

School Materials

Brian provides Kindness journals, posters, banners, morning announcements, daily Kindness quotes, teacher materials and letters to get the community involved.

Follow-Up Curriculum

Each school will get video updates and simple Kindness challenges throughout the year.

The Challenge 5,000 Acts of Kindness

Rather than just talk the talk, students will be challenged to document over 5,000 Acts of Kindness in just 15 days. Anything from opening a door, picing up a pen, or even sharing a smile, no act is too small to document. Within hours, each school notices an explosion of Kindness within their school.

The Start An Awesome Assembly

Each challenge launches with an action packed motivational assmebly that inspires the entire student body to change the world. During the assembly students learn the three most important lifeskills needed to change the world: Have no fear of being made fun of for doing the right thing, be committed to be a good person no matter how mean someone may be, and always live your life as if you were the hero of your dreams. At the end of the speech Brian not only calls the students to action, but demonstrates how to never give-up no matter how scared you may be – then he breaks a stack of bricks!

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