Delivering 1,000 Cans of Food

Last year we gave Incline Middle School a huge challenge to collect shoes for children in Central Kenya. . . they rocked it. This year, we gave them a new challenge to help needy families within their own community.

Let me start off with saying, Incline Middle School is not a large school. Its tiny in comparison to a majority of other middle schools across the country. But this tiny school banned together to do something truly remarkable. . . they collected an average of 5 cans of food per student!

The recipient of the food was Evelyn Mount’s food pantry. Evelyn Mount has been¬†cooking and distributing food out of her garage for the past 30 years. She said, “It started with me just helping out my neighbors in need and its grown since then.”

Love and Kindness is what will bring us all together.Evelyn Mount

Port of Subs sponsored the event at Incline Middle School and helped us impact the lives of not only the students, but community.