One Kind Cookie Girl Scout Campaign

The brainstorming session started over a simple cup of coffee with Amber Whilhem, the marketing communications director with the Girl Scouts of Northern Nevada. She brought an envelope with a clipping of a blog posted a couple years ago about someone who would give away Girl Scout cookies as an act of Kindness. She asked if Think Kindness could do a similar thing and post a blog about it.

Well, everyone knows I am a ‘big thinker’, so my response was, “Just a blog? No we could do better than that!

Through conversation, we decided to create a campaign that truly inspired not only Girl Scouts, but communities across the country to join in on the effort. The campaign needed to be fun, unique, easy to understand, and also for our sake, create quantifiable results.

The idea our team came up was simple. Users visit, print out 1 of 2 small flyers, cut them out, and place them on the box. One could be given to a someone whom you witness perform an act of Kindness, whereas the other could be given to someone whom you feel embodies the word ‘Kindness’ within their everyday lives.

The campaign was called One Kind Cookie. We created an online video with three amazing Girl Scouts from the Sierra Nevada region, received two Mayor Proclamations claiming the month of March as “One Kind Cookie Month”, we sent out email campaigns, and even held a press conference. The news took hold, social media took its course, and within a matter of days we hit over 1,000 boxes pledged as an act of Kindness!

Our goal was 500 for the month, but the Girl Scouts took it to whole new heights!

At the end of the 30 day campaign, we received over 1,900 pledged Girl Scout boxes across 15 states!!

I must say I am truly proud and honored to have worked with the Girl Scouts of Northern Nevada on such an amazing, heartfelt, and fun campaign. Not only are Girl Scouts tasty, but when paired with an act of Kindness, it makes them that much better!