Reno Shoe Distribution

It has been a great school year to say the least. Think Kindness has had the opportunity to speak to 57 student bodies across the country and impact the lives of countless people throughout the world due to the Kindness that was carried out on each campus. We are proud of the students and staff that have been [themecolor]BOLD[/themecolor] enough to step up and take the ‘15 Days of Kindness’ Challenge to the next level.

The results are in.

After a year of hard work, fun, and cultivating Kindness we have collected upwards of 72,000 pairs of gently used shoes!! Recently we have been working to fill our last of three storage units in Reno Nevada to the brim. (Thanks to A-American Storage for the donation) With all of the shoes collected Think Kindness will be able to help thousands upon thousands of people around the globe.  With that being said, we wanted to make our local community was taken care! So often, many forget about the dire needs that are right here in our very own community. These needs grow each and every day and go forgotten or pushed under the rug.

On Saturday, June 28th, 20+ awesome volunteers gathered to put on a Free Shoe Distribution in Reno for those in need in our community.  It was so amazing to help them pick out their new pair of shoes. We were able to watch as they carefully tried on a couple of pairs, found the perfect fit, and then celebrate with them as they left with the biggest smile and a new pair of kicks! Many were able to go and get a job at the local carnival which required they have a pair of work boots after the shoes distribution. It was so great to see their life change due to a pair of shoes! Think Kindness is honored to have the opportunity to serve our community and help those in Reno that have a need! There is no better feeling then helping someone; asking nothing in return.

[themecolor]Shoe Give Photos[/themecolor]

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