Sochi 2014: Olympians That Give Back

The 2014 Winter Olympics are full of athletes on a mission. Not only to win the gold, but to actively work to make the world a more kind, happier, and healthier place. Think Kindness is happy to highlight Olympic athletes who are spreading kindness through their charitable efforts.

1. Hannah Teter


Hannah Teter is an American snowboarder who placed fourth in the half pipe competition during the 2014 Olympic games. Teter founded a charity called Hannah’s Gold, which helps provide the community of Kirindon, Kenya with access to clean drinking water. Hannah’s Gold, in partnership with World Vision, provides water wells, washing stations, latrines and community training on proper water usage and hygiene to the 36,197 people in Kirindon. By doing this, Teter’s charity has been able to reduce the frequency of water borne diseases that affect both the skin and intestines in the Kirindon community. What’s also amazing is that Teter has traveled to Kirindon to see her philanthropic efforts being put to good use, and has been able to directly interact with the people she is helping. Besides Hannah’s Gold, Teter has also done philanthropic work with PETA and has worked as a spokesperson for Boarding for Breast Cancer.

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2. Charlie White and Meryl Davis

Charlie White and Meryl Davis are American ice dancers, who have partnered together not only to win Olympic silver, but to become involved in high-need classrooms around the country. White and Davis are active supporters of the charity Classroom Champions, which inspires children to recognize their potential, set goals and work hard towards their education. This is done by pairing professional athletes, like White and Davis, with students in high-need schools through video lessons and live video chats. White and Davis have also supported other charities such as March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and The Humane Society.

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3. Alex Bilodeau


Alex Bilodeau is a Canadian freestyle skier who has won 2 Olympic gold medals in moguls skiing. Bilodeau attributes his success to his brother, Frederic Bilodeau, who suffers from cerebral palsy. To quote Bilodeau from, “Every day I feel very lucky to be a normal person that has the chance to go after his dreams, and he doesn’t have that chance. So out of respect to him, I need to go after that…” explaining how his brother is the inspiration behind all that he does. Because of this inspiration, Bilodeau has donated a great amount of money and gained exposure for the Quebec Cerebral Palsy Association to support research initiatives. Other charities Bilodeau has supported are the Canadian Association of Pediatric Health Centers, Three to Be, and CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

For more information on the Quebec Cerebral Palsy Association: CLICK HERE

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4. Emily Cook



Emily Cook is an American freestyle skier who is a 5-time US National Champion, a two time Olympic medal winner, has 7 world cup podiums, and is a 6-time world championship team member. Although these accomplishments are impressive, what’s most admirable about Cook is her dedication to making the world a better place. She does this by sitting on the board of The Speedy Foundation, a philanthropy dedicated to understanding mental illness, preventing suicide and fighting the stigma associated with mental illness through education, research and advocacy. Cook has also recently taken a trip to Tanzania with a humanitarian organization, Right to Play, that gives children in developing countries the opportunity to participate in sports.

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