Stop Bullying with Kindness

Between cyber bullying and bullying at school, statistics show that one in four kids in the United States are bullied on a regular basis.  This bullying can get worse as children age and especially in high school and middle school years because of various pressures from both peers and popular American culture.  Teenage girls are told they must be thin, have perfect hair and skin or dress a certain way in order to be “popular”, just to name a few.  Boys the same age are under pressure to be good at sports, have six-pack abs or some other stereotypically thing in order to be “cool”.


In order to break these stereotypes, the bullies have to be stopped and the kids being bullied need support.  At a North Texas high school homecoming, the girl who was crowned queen showed kindness in a special way.  A few weeks before the event, a group of girls at the school bullied a young lady by the name of Lillian Skinner.  They told her that she had been nominated for homecoming queen, though she hadn’t.

Lillian’s two best friends were nominated for the court and, without her knowing, they made a promise to each other.  Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez promised that if either of them won they would give the crown to their best friend, who was so wrongfully bullied.

Anahi was announced the homecoming queen that Friday night and after stepping onstage, she whispered something to the announcer.  The voice that came out of the loudspeaker said, “Anahi is honoring a very hard-working senior with her crown.  We would like to announce Lillian Skinner; please step up and receive this honor.”

Lillian was so surprised that she was shedding tears of happiness as she stepped onstage and accepted the crown.  The senior had no idea what her friends had in mind and received a chance to shine after being the victim of a cruel prank.

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The selfless kindness that these girls showed their friend should be an example for not only teens and kids, but for people of all ages.  Show kindness to someone today, be it a friend or a stranger, and be the difference to stop bullying.