Gary Joe Xavier has been training children, adults, military personnel and families in martial arts, field craft, resilience and group cohesion for over 20 years.  Gary has been pushing the boundaries of his physical limitations since he was ten years old, when he achieved his first degree black belt.  Since then, Gary has become a national martial arts champion, PGA Golf Professional, World’s Toughest Mudder and Ironman Athlete. However, nothing taught him more about himself and what kind of person he would become then earning the elite title of Marine Corps’ scout sniper.  With little knowledge of what marine snipers were, Gary would be the only one of eleven marines to volunteer for the challenge and would fail sniper school two times leaving him to repeat the school’s grueling ‘hell’ week and ‘stalking’ week a total of three times.  This is a tribute to Gary’s ‘never quit’ persona and his larger than life enthusiasm for living.

Gary has endured the loss of his father, the loss of his home and the bankruptcy of his family all before he was 17.  Gary’s life has never been an excuse to give in or to stop discovering the limits our human condition.  Instead, Gary uses his experiences as fuel to give hope to people all around the world.  Gary speaks on the power of individual resilience, group cohesion and of course, Kindness.  His commitment is to inspire people to a new level of action in their lives while seeking a purpose larger then themselves.

“His positive energy and enthusiasm is very contagious. He has taught me how to connect with the students in a more meaningful way.”Angela Serna, Empire CA