Good News Broadcast: Ep. #1

We’d like to introduce you to our new show, the Good News Broadcast, powered by Think Kindness.

We all know that our world needs more positivity! We all know that our world needs more GOOD NEWS. But if we turn on the our local news or open our local papers, we only see the exact opposite. 

So we decided to pull together our awesome interns, to create something truly awesome. 

We want to create compelling short Good News Episodes that both teachers and parents can play for their students & children. Whether in the classroom or at home, these short episodes are sure to create some smiles, laughter, insight and inspiration. 


  • Play them for your students
  • Ask them if they have any good news to share of their own
  • Ask them what is one thing they learned from the episode
  • Ask them to observe some Good News and report to class tomorrow.

This Weeks Stories

  1. Cows With Eyes On Their Butts
  2. Israeli Teens Dig up Gold Coins
  3. SkyDrive Tests Flying Car With Pilot
  4. LEGO Releases Braille Legos
  5. 693 Year Long Concert
  6. Anniversary of N. & S. Korea Family
  7. Orca Gives Birth
  8. 2 Story Sunflower
  9. Football team cleans paralyzed man’s yard
  10. Boy Adopts Puppy with matching cleft lip

Have some Good News that you would like to share? Comment Below and let us know!