5 Steps To Inspire Kindness At Your School

Inspiring A Kindness Movement

Principals, councilors, and caring parents are trying to make their school a better place. Its everyones mission to create a positive learning environment for their children. However, in order to do so you need to approach this from several different angles and one of which, is to create a caring and kind culture.

To create a Kind culture, first you need to let students ‘test-drive’ making a difference in someones life. You need them to experience the feeling that comes from doing a genuine act of Kindness for someone who needs it. Once this feeling starts. . . its can’t be stopped. But getting that ball rolling is tough.


Building self-value circumvents depression. An estimated 2 million 12 to 17 year old experience clinical depression annually, and Reivich and Gilliam (2009) have found that building resilience in younger children can help thwart depression before it starts.

The happier you are, the happier others around you will be. People’s happiness depends on the happiness of others who they are close to. For example, bullying is a potential source of unhappiness for young students and also for those individuals surrounding the student. Providing opportunities to better understand and experience kindness might not only improve their happiness but also the happiness of several other people.

Kindness Builds Lasting Relationships. Children who learn about and experience kindness tend to have stronger relationships with others because of their ability to empathize with how others feel. It is an important social skill that lasts throughout a lifetime. (Hughes, 2013)

Want to kick-off a Kindness Movement with an Awesome Assembly?