Meet Julie Kelly

Julie Kelly is first generation born Australian from European parents who immigrated from Egypt back in the 60’s.  Throughout her life Julie felt like the square peg that never fit in the round hole, and endured many challenges in life such as losing her best-friend in High School to an accidental drug overdose, her parent’s divorce and surviving a terrible car accident caused by a drunk driver.

Throughout her life, Julie always chose to rise above her struggles, and tried to find the Grace in every situation, living by the motto that everything happens FOR you, not to you.

For the past 11 years, Julie has now called Pasadena, CA home, and spends her days traveling the country, instilling skills such as resilience, self-worth and compassion into students of all ages.  Julie’s message has a strong emphasis on building character through smart choices, and understanding that your character and behaviors have a direct impact on your life’s goals and the amount of success you can achieve.

Believing that decisions determine destiny, Julie’s message encourages students to think before they say anything, do anything, or post anything online, encouraging them to choose kindness over popularity, as each choice either builds their character or hurts their character, ultimately impacting their own happiness and opportunities.

Your external circumstances do not define you. Your choices do!
Think Kindness was the perfect program to launch a kindness focused school year and Julie really left a lasting positive impression!Jenna LaFontaine, Chandler Elementary, PTSA President