July 2019 IMPACT Report

Its summer and its the busy time behind the curtain for Think Kindness! For starters, we reflect on the past school year on the impact our team has had around the world, what worked, what didn’t and what we can improve upon. One thing that I personally wanted to do was to lift the curtain of Think Kindness. When we created our list of our past accomplishments, I’ll be honest – I got chills. Mainly because of the work of our team. I’m constantly humbled by their support, encouragement and passion to make our world a better place. 

But that also highlighted a problem. We keep our accomplishments close to our chest. Yes we post on Instagram, Facebook and get around to write a blog or e-newsletter, but that’s not enough. We have hundreds of donors and thousands of followers that support our work, but we (I) haven’t done a good job of sharing not only our teams success, but also our struggles and letting people know where we could use some help. 

So, this post is the first of many. Part of it is accountability and to also help our organization grow. I want to share our accomplishments, growth and to be frank, areas we can use some help on. We are a small non-profit and I know someone reading this may have some insight to help us create an even larger impact. So, we are lifting the curtain of Think Kindness so everyone can see not only our monthly financials, but everything else. In hopes that this will inspire more people to join us and our movement. You can now become part of our story – from wherever you are reading this, you can join us to create an even bigger impact.

With Kindness,

Brian Williams
Founder, Think Kindness

National Principals Convention
We took a big leap this year and decided to purchase a booth at the National Principals Convention in Boston, MA. At the convention our goal was to register schools for our school tours and new Kindness Crew program. But we also wanted to hear about the needs of elementary, middle and high school principals across the country. We got so much amazing insight that is helping us shape our programs, marketing and offerings. It was also a great ‘atta-boy’ because a lot of our programs fit perfectly with what seemed to be the #1 need: Building a Stronger School Culture.

The Results: We captured 187 qualified leads. Now, to be honest – I was a little discouraged by this. In terms of the convention, our booth was busy! It was fun (that’s what happens when you put 3 A-type motivational speakers in a 10×10 square). I was personally let down because the convention claimed to be much bigger than it actually was. For the amount of people that attended, we did great! Yet, the attendance was half of what was expected. Regardless, we more than broke even for this event.

Recruiting New Board Members
This month we put out some invites for new board & advisory board members. We are looking to add some dynamic, insightful and knowledgable people to our team that is dedicated to see Think Kindness grow. (we’ve been getting some outstanding applicants!)

Meet Big Blue (temp name).
So thanks to the amazing students at Bishop Gorman High School, we were able to purchase 15 passenger van for the VIMA orphanage. This is a HUGE deal! For starters, when kids were sick – they had to wait days for reliable transportation to see a doctor. 2nd – they are able to bring the kids on field trips to see the mountains, ocean and other sites that surround them. 3rd – this gives our volunteers a reliable form of transportation. We spend over $1,000 per trip on vehicle rentals times 4 trips a year, this ads up! 

The van cost $7,000 and will be shipped in August and delivered to the orphanage in October. Our Global Projects Coordinator, Jimmy Gleich will be flying down to make sure everything goes smoothly and to personally deliver it.

HUGE SHOUTOUT: Reno Vulcanizing
Reno Vulc did a massive service, new tires and so so so much more. They made sure this thing was fit to travel on the Ghana dirt roads and last. We sent the van down with a 2nd new set of tires and enough oil & filters to provide over 3 years of oil changes. 

We received $5,000 from the Nell J. Redfield Foundation to provide funding for our Kindness Crew program within local Washoe County Schools. We are excited for the opportunity to not only work with the Redfield Foundation, but thankful for the opportunity to impact lives within our local community. 

We received over 1300 pairs of brand new shoes from the Born This Way foundation. The shoes will be picked up next month and sent off! 

Monthly Financial Summary


School Programs2333.7548189.2
Donations (Global Projects)1700071466.48
TOTAL INCOME26157.26155809.56
Management & General Operating2,754.8325,130.51
School Programs1,692.2242,085.13
Global Projects4,852.9256,684.88
TOTAL EXPENESES11,527.55148,910.11

Students Impacted260
Shoes Collected1750
Acts of Kindness Documented0
Volunteer Hours1080
This Month11527.55
Year To Date148910.11
This Month26157.26
Year To Date155809.56