Keep The Kindness Going

Ready to change your school culture?

We spark Kindness Movements in schools and communities across the United States. We have gathered a team of dynamic and inspirational speakers and thought leaders to create programs that not only talk about being Kind, but inspire people to take action.


Each challenge launches with an action packed, humorous and inspirational assembly that inspires the entire student body to change the world. During the assembly, students learn key skills to inspire Kindness and the impact one simple act of Kindness can have on another person’s life.

At the end of each assembly, students are called to action. Each school is challenged to document over 5,000 acts of Kindness in just 15 Days! Each student receives several Kindness journals to document anything from opening a door, picking up a pen, or even sharing a smile; no act is too small to document.

Within hours, you will notice an EXPLOSION of Kindness within your school.

Your school will receive digital artwork for your Kindness journals. Each journal holds 10 spots for students to document every act of Kindness they perform throughout the 15-day challenge. In addition, our team will send a Kindness Prep Pack in the mail at least 2-weeks before your launch assembly.

Inside each prep pack will be several poster designs, daily kindness quotes, teacher materials, daily audio announcements, pre-drafted letters to parents and other materials to help your new Kindness Crew execute the challenge.

Now it’s time to keep the Kindness going.

Our packet of Student-Led Challenges is designed to instill a culture of anti-bullying in your school that will last for a lifetime.  Integrate Kindness into your clubs, your student body leadership, and your teachers to create lasting results.  We provide everything you need to make your school a place of Kindness.




“My Kindness Crew has changed our school to a kinder school.”

Naomi McColl, Dilworth Middle School

“We have never witnessed an assembly like this one in over 20 years! IMPRESSED.”

Sophie Lor, Greer Elementary School

“They loved being “Kindness Ninjas” and playing an integral part of the challenge and having a hands-on role in making the world a better place. And the result at both schools was a significant impact on the climate of the school after the program!”

Lynn Arnone, Linken Park & Mamie Towles Elementary

“Our tiny school documented over 12,000 acts of Kindness. Not only the staff, but the parents were shocked. So proud of my school. Thanks for making this happen.”

Patricia Brady, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School



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