March 1st -15th | Kindness Crew Creation
March 15th – 28th | Team Planning Challenge #1
March 28th – April 15th | Launch Challenge #1 (Lifeskill: Teamwork)
April 18th – 29th | Team Planning Challenge #2
May 2nd – May 20th | Launch Challenge #2 (Lifeskill: Bravery)
May 20th – End of Year | Kindness Crew Wrap-Up

Advisor Welcome Letter Please give this letter to all Kindness Crew advisors. This provides a brief welcome from Think Kindness and a quick overview of the next steps.

Kindness Crew Bylaws Please distribute these bylaws to each team member, advisor and school administration. These bylaws are the foundation of your Kindness Crew. Please feel free to adapt these bylaws to best fit your school & Kindness Crew goals. 

Crew Positions Please print and give to each Kindness Crew team member. These descriptions will inform the team of the roles and responsibilities of each team member as well as describe the roles that need to be filled.

Student Invite Letters These can be used to invite students to join your Kindness Crew. Please have the student, parents, advisor and school principal sign the back of each form.

Crew Spirit Gear If team members would like to receive Kindness Crew gear (t-shirts, bags, etc) they can complete this form and turn it into your advisor.