The Forest Man Of India: Protecting Our Planet Is An Act of Kindness

Can you imagine a forest, larger than Central Park in New York City, that was started more than 40 years ago by one man, with the planting of a single tree?

His name is Jadev Payeng and he is referred to as “The Forest Man of India”.  Virtually everyday for 40 years, this man has traveled from his home to a barren stretch of land in northeast India and created a magnificent forest of trees, plants and grasses.

According to Karma Tube, “It has been said that the single most powerful thing one can do to combat climate change and promote peace is to plant a tree.  Jadev Payeng has been doing just that since the 1970’s on the once-barren sandbar on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India. Over 40 years later, the forest he’s planted is now larger than New York City’s Central Park and is home to several thousand varieties of trees as well as an amazing diversity of wildlife, including rhino, elephants, and even tigers. “

Check out this amazing video from Karma Tube of the work he has done…..

While the debate about climate change will continue (man made or natural), I think it’s abundantly clear we should all strive to protect our planet and do what we can to conserve our natural resources.  If for no other reason, it’s so our children will be able to enjoy them in the years to come.

I feel so passionately about this, that I have incorporated environmental self defense into my karate program.  I want my students to recognize their role in the world as black belt leaders and realize that they have the power to make a difference in their community.


By reducing their consumption of plastic, going paperless as much as possible, picking up trash or just rasing awareness.

Or, perhaps by planting a single tree!

I can’t think of a better act of kindness can you?

Go out and change your world!

What ideas do you have to reduce waste or help the planet?

the forest man of india
Photo courtesy of Karma Tube