Destination Harvey: Diapers for Hurricane Victims

We’ve heard it on the news, we’ve seen the images, we’ve felt our hearts drop as we see so many affected by Hurricane Harvey.

In moments of disaster, chaos, and havoc – its easy to  wonder how you can make an impact. Terri Hull of  Sippee’s New and Used Kid’s Clothes of Reno, Nevada led the charge in the Reno, Nevada area for those who need it in the surrounding Houston area and other areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

We at Think Kindness couldn’t but help feel moved by this tremendous act of kindness that we’ve agreed to help organize shipping to get the supplies to the affected area.  We will be using U-Ship to get materials from the Reno, Nevada area to impacted areas.

You can help in one of three ways

1) Donate diapers to one of our many drop off locations

     SO MANY people have designated their business as a local drop-off          location check out the list below to discover the location closet to you.

2) Donate to help cover shipping costs.

CLICK HERE to visit our online giving page to help us cover shipping costs to deliver      the items to San Antonio, where they will be distributed by the Texas Diaper Bank.

Think Kindness will be coordinating the shipping efforts along with Terri Hull of      Sippee’s.  


3) Share the goal! 

     Share the event on social media and encourage your friends to share diapers with             those in need.   Every little bit makes a BIG difference.