Keeping It Kind at Work

As many of us do, working full time can easily become a race to get the job done in what seems like too little time.  Look around your workplace.  Do you see employees hunched over or racing around?  Checking email, meetings, deadlines, helping a guest or fellow employee, responding to the boss and jump-starting a new project just to name a few.  This can easily lead to feelings of disconnect, loss of joy, resent or negativity, and a lack of energy from time to time.

A workplace that hosts optimism, team camaraderie and a can-do attitude will do the best at keeping the negative spirits away.  Making someone’s day is as easy as making them feel respected, supported, cared about and valued – simply being kind.  A simple act of kindness or extension of generosity goes a long day during the busy work day.

A simple way is to just be there.  Make yourself available and remind people that they are welcome to come to you for anything.  Help, ideas, insights or opinions, just being there can make a huge impact.

Take the edge off with a little (or a lot) of humor!  Rather than taking a mishap seriously, share in a laugh and take the irony with a twist.  This will do wonders to cut the tension and keep the “walking on egg shells” feelings away.

Be optimistic and don’t be shy about it.  Play devil’s advocate when things are drawn off course or conditions take a turn for the worst by engaging people with positivism.  There’s always a silver lining and it doesn’t hurt to point it out.

Celebrate milestones and achievements.  Even if it’s something as simple as a birthday, bring some goodies and take a few minutes to mingle with your office neighbors.

Engage people by saying hello and smiling.  If you look into someone’s eyes long enough to notice their color, this is a long enough period of time that the other person’s brain registers a sense of automatic trust towards you.  This is a way of letting people know that you “see” them and a little small talk afterwards can work wonders.

Volunteer to lend a hand to someone in need.  It could be something simple like carrying a box or it could be something complicated like learning a new concept.  Tackling projects as a team can make the job a lot easier.

Bringing humanity into the workplace helps everyone to stress less which in turn leads to greater success.  Being “real” at work is an excellent way not only to build your personal brand, but to encourage the growth of others.  Positive energy in a demanding environment can make the work week much more enjoyable.