Super Heroes Don’t Wear Spandex

It has been especially hard to watch the news lately.  We can find stories of natural disasters, chemical explosions, and unthinkable, intentional acts of cruelty towards humanity on every channel.  At times like these, when things seem so dark in this world, it is easy to despair.  But, times like these are precisely the moments when we must pay close attention to the good, kind, noble, and selfless acts happening everyday.  I truly believe that, if we pay close attention, we will witness superheroes all around us.

superheroSome superheroes wear spandex and sport brightly colored capes.  Some come from other worlds, while others reluctantly take up the mantle of service to aid the beleaguered human race.  But I’m not referring to these kinds of superheroes.  I mean people who, like the comic book characters, do remarkable things that make a positive impact on someone else’s life.  These are the people who stop what they are doing, realizing the opportunity to change the natural direction of another person’s day.  This might sound like too staggering a task for mere mortals, but I will give you a few examples I’ve observed, just this week:

  • The law enforcement officer who make our city secure.

  • The first responder who puts his life in jeopardy for the safety of others.

  • The retired couple, trained by the Red Cross, and deployed to West, Texas last week.

  • The youth group leader who regularly attends his students’ sports activities, concerts, and productions.

  • The martial arts Grand Master who works individually with a student with cerebral palsy; this young man is growing strong and taking steps on his own.

  • The boy who befriended a lonely classmate by inviting him over for a movie and pizza.

  • The teacher who spends her own paycheck to purchase school supplies and snacks for her students whose families cannot afford them.

  • The neighbor who sets out your trash when you are out of town.

  • The countless number of people who strategically use social media as a tool to encourage friends, inspiring others to positive action.

Whether noticed by others or not, acts of kindness poke bright holes in otherwise dark days.  Selfless giving and living can ease the burden that naturally settles on our shoulders when we rely on the nightly news for our only understanding of life.  Kindness tethers us to each other, offering support and stability in rocky times.  So put that spandex back in the drawer and go be a superhero to someone today!