20 Fun Questions To Ask Your Class

Sometimes you just need to change it up a little bit. Spark some questions that will spark some fun debates, creative ideas and outside-the-box thinking. After a long-week of testing, drama or just to ease the tension in a room, simple fun questions can help create some fun dialogue between everyone. Plus, this encourages critical thinking and teachers the ability ...

Helping 8th graders become self-published authors

Cynthia Milone is teacher that uses creative tactics to curb bullying in her school by utilizing technology, the internet and creatively crowd sourcing content from her students. The impact this project had on her school and the students far surpassed her expectations and created a massive change within their school culture.

Pre-Launch Episode

Want to know why we were launching the podcast and what our big plans are? Then this is the episode to listen to. Hear how we came up the name and the vision behind the Rockstar Teacher Podcast

5 Thanksgiving Kindness Ideas

Holidays can be stressful – yes we get it! But it can also be a greattime to teach some valuable life lessons and create memories that you will remember for a lifetime. This holiday season I’m sure your gonna stuff your face full of some turkey, pie and more pie. Then you’ll fall into a food comma and BOOM. . ...