’s $1,000 Grant for Teachers

Each year, offers $1,000 to two lucky teachers. This isn’t just fun money though, it is to help those teachers prevent bullying in their schools. They have the freedom to spend it on many resources and materials that will help to promote safety and positivity. This grant also provides teachers with a 12-month subscription to’s videos, worksheets, lesson plans and much more.

This could be you!

Bullying is a rampant problem in schools, and most administrative personnel and teachers are unsure of the best possible way to successfully handle it. Rightfully so, because every student is different. Suffice it to say that there is no one way to solve the bullying problem in any district. However, this grant provides teachers and admin with the freedom to take the steps they think are necessary for their own schools.

Did you know that 1 in 5 students have been bullied in school?

There are three types of bullying: direct, indirect and cyberbullying. This statistic means that your child has a larger chance of being the victim, especially given the fact that each year students receive more access to the internet, meaning that your child doesn’t even have to be at school to be bullied.

All types of bullying can include both verbal and physical altercations, as well as written notes that could be “emotionally-damaging” to the victim. Other times, bullies may turn the victim’s friends against them by spreading rumors and gossip. Regardless, each type of bullying is unacceptable and could cause more harm in the future due to the mental distress that it puts on the students.

According to, “a 2016 National Center for Educational Statistics survey reveals that 14% of bullied students struggle academically, and others experience suicidal thoughts and actions. In addition to this, students who are bullied are twice as likely to suffer from health problems, such as stomach issues or headaches.” All of these effects cause parents to suffer as well, making them become overprotective, constantly anxious, guilty, stressed and/or depressed. Read more here.

Did you know that most bullying is subtle and teachers are unaware that it is occurring in their schools? describes bullying as destructive, persistent and “characterized by a power imbalance and the intent to cause harm.” The victims almost always feel “threatened and powerless.” I can tell you firsthand that this is true. From kindergarten through 8th grade, I was bullied time and time again. I felt, just that, powerless. I didn’t know who to turn to or what I could say. Had my teachers and counselors been aware of the bullying, perhaps it would’ve been easier for me to deal with my situation and prevent further bullying.

However, bullying can be hard to spot. and, as well as many other helpful sites, gives detailed lists of things to be aware of that could be signs of bullying. They include faking an illness, difficulty sleeping, destructive behaviors, and many more. Learn more here. If you win the grant, you will have constant access to lists like these, as well as ways to combat them.


Here at Think Kindness, we want to spread kindness. We believe that the grant is offering is extremely valuable, and could be the difference between continual bullying at your school and bullying prevention, safety and positivity.

We hope that everyone who reads this post shares it, comments and spreads the word in as many ways as they can. Let’s work together to end bullying. We wish luck to all teachers who apply for this grant. Even if you don’t win it, just know that there are countless, helpful websites to help you promote positivity and combat bullying in your school. Scroll down to see a list we compiled for you.

If you are interested in the grant or more information, click this link and apply today:


Sources to help spot, combat and prevent bullying: