Think Kindness Goes to Kenya!

Our team of volunteers, board members, and students just returned from an epic journey halfway around the world. Since 2009, we’ve made a commitment to help rural orphanages throughout Africa, mainly in Kenya & Ghana. Over the last six months, schools from across the country have been supporting our efforts by collecting shoes for our team to distribute to needy children and families. The shoes we collected will not only give a sense of hope to others but also give children the gift of an education. Many children are denied the right to attend school for the mere fact that they can’t afford a pair of shoes.

Did you know. . .

  • 300 Million Children Go Barefoot Everyday
  • 2.4 Million Shoes Are Collected in the United States Each Year
  • 1 in 7 People on the Planet Go Barefoot

Our team was able to help 160 kids in Tumaini Children’s Home and Huruma Children’s Home in a big way. They brought shoes from our amazing donators and gave them to all the children and local runners. They also brought supplies which included pencils, notebooks, arts and crafts, and dental supplies.

    Our team spent every day with the children. Both orphanages are large and understaffed, so it was important that we helped out where we could. Plus, it was a great opportunity for our student volunteers to see what day-to-day life was like. Lindsey Boston, one of our rockstar board members and group leader of this trip,  bought 100 spoons for the children after the team saw many of them eating with their hands due to a limited amount in the school. Not only did the team go out to buy spoons, but they also bought hula hoops, soccer balls, and volleyballs to have some fun with the kids.

    “Even the smallest gesture of kindness makes a big and lifelong impact on these kids.”Lindsey Boston

    Unfortunately, the trip had to come to a close but we know the impact our team made will last a long time. We hope to keep making these impacts and spreading kindness to children in poverty-ridden countries. This summer we have a trip planned to return to Ghana to build a study hall. Interested in joining and making a difference with us? CLICK HERE for more details.