Meet Our New Speaker: Gary Xavier

When we started martial arts, we were tiny. Our foreheads would heads would barely reach our instructors belt knot. But as all of us little ninja’s scurried the dojo running with our kicks, punches, screams, and tripping over our oversized belts, we were corralled in by our martial arts instructor, Tom Callos. We we were trained that at any moment you could change your life. “Snap” a sound heard across the room from Master Tom’s fingers. “Just like that” he said “you can change your attitude. You can change your life.”

“How fast can you change?” He asked loudly “Just Like {Snap} That” we all replied snapping our tiny french fry fingers.

Instantly, we went from playful, to drill sergeant focused 7 year-olds holding onto his every word. And this, is where Gary and I met.

Fast forward nearly 23 years later (wow am I that old?), I received a phone call from my longtime best friend Gary Xavier. As we grew up we each took our separate paths. He joined the Marines, served our country as a Marine Corp Scout Sniper, was a PGA Professional Golfer, married his middle school sweetheart, got his MBA, and was training to run an ┬áIronman (crazy!). But this phone call wasn’t about what we have done. . . but what we are about to do.

To say Gary is a little animated is an understatement. #FacesofGaryGary has a passion to help people achieve the impossible. To reach their own personal form of excellence. Whether its an individual, teenager, or an entire family, he has a passion for bringing people together. He did this as a child when we performed martial arts demonstrations, to bringing us ‘guys’ together before a high school dance, to his Marine Corp brothers. But now, its for a bigger goal. A bigger purpose. To serve a need that needs serving.

Gary joined Think Kindness in our effort to inspire teenagers around the country that every single person has the ability to make a difference in the world. Each living, breathing, Starbucks drinking person has the ability to change someones life. To live for a bigger purpose. To invest their life into something that will long outlive it. At its core is the most basic principal of all. . . Kindness.

As we gathered around in a circle as children, Master Callos would tell us, “I’m not teaching you to become black belts in martial arts, but black belts in life. The ultimate form of self-defense everyone already knows, but fails to practice. Its Kindness”

Now Gary is taking his bomb shell of energy and dropping some Inspiration Kindness Bombs on stages across the United States. He is a true asset to our team and to anyone who has the privilege of hear him speak.

If you are interested in booking Gary Xavier at your school, please feel free to Contact Us at anytime.

And to Gary. . . Glad to have you on the team buddy!