We Are Hiring Kindness Curriculum Developers


We are seeking extremely creative, talented, and passionate individuals to join our team in developing the next phase of our Kindness Crew curriculum. Kindness Crew is a year-round kindness based leadership program for schools. The program provides monthly school-wide, as well as classroom, kindness challenges. Each challenge is centered around a specific life-skill and coupled with lessons that not only teach and promote kindness but also call students to action. 


  • A deep passion for inspiring & teaching kindness
  • Extremely creative, thoughtful, and playful
  • Think outside-the-box
  • Team player
  • Strong background in developing character-based curriculum
  • Excellent communication


You will be given a specific topic and theme for the school-wide kindness challenge. Your role is to develop and adapt 3 sets of curriculum specific for grades k-2, 3-5 & 6-8. Each series of the curriculum will include the following:

  1. Classroom activities (5+) related to the theme 
  2. Writing / Discussion Prompts
  3. Historical Awesomeness (amazing stories in history related to the theme)
  4. Classroom Book Recommendations
  5. Classroom Video Recommendations
  6. Key facts, statistics, and educational information for the teachers

COMPENSATION: $550 per topic