Ghana: Its Great To Be Back

After 13 months and two postponed trips, our Think Kindness team finally returned to Africa.

Covid-19 has taken its toll on the world. We at Think Kindness have truly been impacted by the Covid crunch as well. We’ve had to restructure our entire school presentations to a new virtual experience for students as well as being forced to cancel several of our Global Kindness Trips.

However, on December 27th, 2020, we finally made the trip to visit our friends at the Vima Children’s Home in rural Ghana. This was a trip like no other. After an entire year of waiting, planning, and even a little guessing, our team of six volunteers landed in Ghana with a hero welcome!

The children of Vima depend on our Think Kindness volunteers and the supplies we bring each trip. The pandemic affected Ghana, and due to the increase in the price of many of their needs, it became more challenging to purchase school, medical supplies, and clothing and shoes. Our team also donated medical and school supplies to two local villages and two local clinics.

But while our team was there, we noticed that the children were unable to attend virtual classroom lessons because of the lack of a TV. Obviously, there is an easy solution to this problem.

We purchased a TV and satellite dish that allowed the children to attend lessons provided by the government. But our efforts didn’t stop there. Thanks to several private donations were able to build a chicken coup and buy some chickens. With food being the #1 expense of the orphanage, this is a huge blessing!

And finally, we completed the build of a storage room that will be the home of their new indoor hydroponic garden that we will set up during our next trip.

It was great to be back, and we at Think Kindness look forward to eliminating the pandemic and many more returns to Africa.


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