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Never the “cool kid” growing up, Zach has proven that staying true to you, far outshines trying to be someone else or to please people who don’t care. From a shy quiet kid who was bullied to a top-performing singer/songwriter- Love is the motivation and our kids need more of it! From radio play all over the world to singing on yachts and speaking on giant stages- Zach has written and performed at hundreds of venues across the country, but his true passion is using his music to inspire Love & Kindness.

Zach grew up in Iowa and was raised in the “country” with horses, calves, goats, geese, cats, etc- being outside has always been a passion and fuels his inspiration. Forced to take piano lessons at age 6, Zach stuck with it until he was 13 with little to no real interest. It wasn’t until Zach started going to church and reading the bible, where he found God. 7 years of piano and nothing to show- but as soon as the faith came into his life, it was like a musical light-switch. Zach started playing the guitar by ear and then at 17 started singing and writing his own music with a new passion and purpose: To encourage others to love one another and spread kindness to make humanity a better place for everyone.

Now Zach tours the country speaking to elementary, middle and high schools where he takes out his guitar and uses his music, stories to move audiences to action.

Zach is happily married to Amanda and has 4 sons, Malachai, Uriah, Zion, and Titus. He serves as a worship and youth pastor, touring musician, foodie, fisherman, and family man. Getting to the heart of life, the deeper things, the things that last, that’s where his heart is at. At the end of the day, what do we really have…

If we have the audacity to really believe that there’s power in our words and in what we do, to really change the world- we can!Zachary Freedom

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