Meet Julie Kelly

Julie C Kelly is an Aussie with a natural gift and passion, to motivate and inspire young people, and to instill in them the resilience and courage needed to overcome life’s challenges, and come out victorious.  

Julie’s message draws out the “Kindness Superhero” in each and everyone of us, and encourages kids and teens to choose kindness in their every day life, from the small things, to brave Superhero acts of kindness that change the lives of individuals, communities and the world.

By unleashing Kindness Superheroes in schools, students become more socially conscious and aware, making smarter and kinder choices when interacting with their peers and families.  Julie’s work with students K-12 is focused on developing a strong positive self-identity by building self-confidence and self-love, which embraces being kind and forgiving of ourselves, as well as of others.

Julie is the survivor of a horrific car accident caused by a speeding, drunk driver who ran a red light, changing her life forever.  It was the kindness of a stranger that got her to the hospital that night.  The impact of being kind may never be rewarded, but it will never be forgotten.

Your external circumstances do not define you. Your choices do!

One thing I learned about Julie Kelly is to just push myself, because if I set my mind to it, anything is possible.  I am going to do what I can, to be what I want to be.

Sandy, PUSD Student