Inspiring Kindness

Our middle & high school programs are more than just a 1 hour assembly, it’s a 15 day challenge that not only talks about making a difference, but creates the forum for schools to roll-up their sleeves and accomplish big, world-changing goals in 15 Days.

Each school executive team (ie: leadership, student council, key club) works with our team of speakers several weeks in advance via video conference calls. During the prep-calls, your executive team is presented with ideas on how they can create a massive kindness movement so large that it seeps out of their school walls and into the community. In addition to the calls, they also receive posters, banners, mid-challenge school video updates, and a wrap-up meeting to discuss what went well and how they feel they truly impacted their schools culture and community.


One Speech Two Challenges

Challenge One Daily Acts of Kindness

Each school is challenged to carry out simple daily acts of Kindness within their school and throughout their community. Each day will come with a Kindness focus. High-Five Friday, smiley sticker day, inspirational post-it note, random person appreciation day. . . we have tons of ideas for your executive team to choose from.

Challenge Two Global Acts of Kindness

Not only will students be challenged to change their school and community, but they will also take part in a Global Act of Kindness campaign.  During the assembly students will learn how a simple pair of gently used shoes will not only keep a child from going barefoot, but will also give them the gift of an education. They will watch videos, see photos, and get inspired by the stories of adversity of orphans living halfway around the world. Each school is challenged to collect anywhere from 1,000 – 2,500 pairs of shoes in just 15 Days!


Each assembly is 45 minutes long. If space is an issue in your school, each speaker can do two assemblies in one day at no extra charge. (as long as its in the same building).

Pricing varies depending on your location and type of additional ‘Kindness Call To Actions’ your school wishes to take on. We have a long list of donors throughout the country that help sponsor school programs in your area. You may complete a booking request form and we will contact you with more information.

A MASSIVE one! We find that by inspiring a title wave of Kindness in your school students thrive to be recognized as one of the Kindest students in your schools’ walls. Without ever mentioning the word bully, our schools have seen a drop in bully related incidents!

We recommend 3 months prior to ensure you are able to get the dates that you would like. However, if you complete the booking request form and provide several date options, odds are we can make one of them work with our schedule.

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  • “We’ve never had an assembly move our students in such a major way!”Sydney Durrey, Principal
  • Energetic. Engaging. Inspiring. We will surely be bringing them back next year!Ron Alurey, Councilor
  •  It’s been 6 weeks and students are still talking about it!Michelle Juells, Leadership Advisor