With the new year – comes new opportunities. . . and Covid has also presented even more new opportunities create amazing, outstanding and long lasting positive student culture. In today’s episode we bring on Jimmy Gleich, an award winning leadership advisor, teacher and is also the Vice-President of Think Kindness.

EP: 12 | Creating Community With Podcasts

When Madison was working behind the scenes producing podcasts for other people, she spotted a big problem that she wanted to solve. She wanted to make it easier for Podcast hosts to connect with their ideal guests. A simple platform to literally just connect people together. That's it. . . seems simple right??! Well, not exactly. Madison didn't have a ...

EP: 11 | Using PR to Grow Your Charity

  From interning at Think Kindness with Brian over a decade ago to creating her own marketing firm, Jordanne Pallesen takes a quick break from her work to join the podcast. Learn what Marketing and PR mean in today's world and how best to contact Newsrooms even if you’re a teenager. In this episode, you’re sure to learn something new ...

Spreading Love & Kindness

During a conversation with a good friend of mine, during the second half of March 2020, he mentioned that it would be great if I could find a way to help local businesses for free. I do a lot of social media as part of my work, so it seemed a logical step to take in support of our community.