We Are Hiring Kindness Curriculum Developers

  We are seeking extremely creative, talented, and passionate individuals to join our team in developing the next phase of our Kindness Crew curriculum. Kindness Crew is a year-round kindness based leadership program for schools. The program provides monthly school-wide, as well as classroom, kindness challenges. Each challenge is centered around a specific life-skill and coupled with lessons that not ...

EP: 11 | Using PR to Grow Your Charity

  From interning at Think Kindness with Brian over a decade ago to creating her own marketing firm, Jordanne Pallesen takes a quick break from her work to join the podcast. Learn what Marketing and PR mean in today's world and how best to contact Newsrooms even if you’re a teenager. In this episode, you’re sure to learn something new ...

Spreading Love & Kindness

During a conversation with a good friend of mine, during the second half of March 2020, he mentioned that it would be great if I could find a way to help local businesses for free. I do a lot of social media as part of my work, so it seemed a logical step to take in support of our community.

5 Things Mothers Need To Tell Their Daughters

Being a teenager in 2018 vastly different then a generation ago.  The influx of social media and cell phone usage by teens is at an all time high, which is both a blessing and a curse.  Unfortunately teens use their social media accounts, as their primary gauge of popularity and self-worth, which puts added pressure onto parents to ensure they develop confident young adults. But there are 5 specific things that mothers can tell their daughters that will boost their self-confidence and self-image.

Ghana: Its Great To Be Back

After 13 months and two postponed trips, our Think Kindness team finally returned to Africa. Covid-19 has taken its toll on the world. We at Think Kindness have truly been impacted by the Covid crunch as well. We've had to restructure our entire school presentations to a new virtual experience for students as well as being forced to cancel several ...