A Little Good News

If you happen to turn on the news, look at your social feed or even see a glimpse of a newspaper cover – you’ve probably been exposed to an unhealthy dose of negativity. Yes, we are facing adversity right now. But there are still some amazing GOOD NEWS stories out there. There are people that are going out of their way to make a difference in the lives around them. 

How To Build Resilient Teams

If you took a polled your staff with the question, "Do you think next year will be easy?" . . . I would be willing to bet the resounding answer would be 'No'. The reasons would vary. From current economic status of the families, virtual learning, kids getting sick to the uncertainty of what the next week or month holds. ...

Meet The Winner

Orion, a 5th grader from Fort Worth TX, won our National Kindness Speech Contest. Watch his speech and interview – this kid is amazing!

Kindness Piggy Bank

Teaching kids about the importance of giving, philanthropy and basic money management can be daunting. But, there is a way to make it fun and also give your children a bigger sense of purpose. (and maybe get them to do some extra chores around the house!) (we got your back!) IDEA BREAKDOWN Either give a special allowance or double your ...

8 Virtual Teaching Ideas For Your Classroom

Teachers have been tossed into a new realm of teaching. This new world is both exciting, nerve-racking, different. . . and lonely. But there are some great ideas that you can use to boost the excitement at the start of each virtual teaching session. The main goal for each idea is to engage students and make them feel more 'connected' ...