Each challenge launches with an action packed motivational assmebly that inspires the entire student body to change the world. During the assembly students learn the three most important lifeskills needed to change the world: Have no fear of being made fun of for doing the right thing, be committed to be a good person no matter how mean someone may be, and always live your life as if you were the hero of your dreams. At the end of the speech, Brian not only calls the students to action, but demonstrates how to never give-up, no matter how scared you may be – then he breaks a stack of bricks!


Rather than just talk the talk, students will be challenged to document over 5,000 Acts of Kindness in just 15 days. Anything from opening a door, picking up a pen, or even sharing a smile, no act is too small to document. Within hours, each school notices an explosion of Kindness within their school.


Students created a Kindness chain that stretched over 2,300 feet!

We provide everything you need!

Schools are sent artwork to print their own Kindness journal for each student. Each journal holds 10 spots for students to document their acts of Kindness. Plus, the school will receive Kindness tracking thermometers, audio announcement CD’s, videos with Kindness ideas for teachers, and pre-drafted letters to the parents.


Our students are showing kindness daily. . . the ripple continues!

Shannon Ramacciotti, Counselor

I’ve never seen our student body so focused and attentive during an assembly, let alone the actions that followed. Highly Recommended!

Justine Acoon, Counselor


Each assembly is 35 minutes long. If space is an issue in your school, each speaker can do two assemblies in one day at no extra charge. (as long as its in the same building).

This is a common problem and all of our speakers are prepared to give two assemblies within each school. The only thing we would ask is that both assemblies happen back-to-back in either a morning or afternoon time slot.

Pricing varies depending on your location and type of additional ‘Kindness Challenges’ your school wishes to take on. We are creative in helping schools secure resources and funding. Message us and we’ll be honored to work with your school.

A MASSIVE one! We find that by inspiring a title wave of Kindness in your school students thrive to be recognized as one of the Kindest students in your schools’ walls. Without ever mentioning the word bully, our schools have seen a drop in bully related incidents!