14 Valentines Day Kind Acts

Want some creative low-cost brownie points for this coming Valentines Day? We’ve got your covered. Here are a bunch of Kindness ideas that will be sure to get the butterflies flapping their wings in your loved one.

  1. Let your partner watch their show
    And don’t roll your eyes or huff and puff about it. Yes, if they want to go on a Netflix binge, or stream their favorite Super Bowl highlights over & over, let it be and have fun with it.
  1. Do something the night before
    Pack your partners lunch, make sure their work clothes are ready to go, set the coffee timer – that willallow them to sleep in an extra 10 or 15 minutes (because we all know that last 10 or 15 minutes is the best sleep of the night).
  1. Give them a random romantic movie style kiss.
    Just out of the blew, walk up and give them a kiss that will knock their socks off, smile and walk-a-way.
  1. Send them an encouraging text or email during the day.
    Reminders of how much you love them can be that extra little cheer-up they need during a tough work day.
  1. Do a household chore that your partner usually does.
    Do you know that your partner hates doing the dishes, taking the trash or recycling to the curb, folding laundry etc.? Do it so they don’t have to!
  1. Let it go.
    Some arguments aren’t worth having; take a deep breath and make an effort to hold back snappy responses.
  1. Fill up the gas tank and/or wash the car.
    Maybe after leave candy or a cute note on the dashboard for them to find in the morning before work.
  1. Buy bathtub crayons.
    Write special messages to one another on the shower wall. Remind your partner how incredibly “hot” they are etc.
  1. Cook a favorite meal.
    Fix your partners favorite meal even if you don’t particularly like it, and then make it even better by doing the dishes after.
  1. Give them a massage.
    A quick 5-10 minute backrub can turn a bad day around, or make a good day even better.
  1. Put it on paper.
    Write your partner a letter. Like a real letter, on paper or even a list of all the things you love about them and sneak into a spot where you know they will find it.
  1. Pick up something simple, but unexpected.
    Pick up their favorite drink, ice cream or that DVD they mentioned while you’re at the store.
  1. Find something on their bucket list and make it happen for them.
    This will be something fun to do/remember that you’ll both get to enjoy together.
  1. Dont forget the importance of saying thank you” & “I’m proud of you”
    Recognizing all that your partner does for you is SO important and can never be over-done.

Have other ideas? Please comment below!

About the Author

Brian Williams

Brian is considered one of the nations Top Youth Speakers. He's spoken to over 1,000,000 students across the country, is a 4th degree black belt, has collected over 500,000 pairs of shoes for children around the world and has traveled to Africa 14 times. He is also the author of Kindness Ninja, a children's book the inspires kids to carry-out ninja-style acts of kindness. You can follow Brian on INSTAGRAM at @Kindness.Nation.

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