Spark Kindness Within

3 Ways to Spark Kindness Within

Could one person really make the world a better place? My answer is, yes! Each of us has an important role in doing so, especially when it comes to kindness. Becoming a kinder person
starts by looking inwardly and realizing your true potential. Here are three steps to becoming a kinder version of yourself – because kindness starts with who? Kindness starts with you!

1. Be kind to yourself

We’ve all heard the saying, “Treat others the wayYOU want to be treated” or “Love others as you love YOURself.” What do both of these sayings have in common? It starts with you! To receive love, compassion, forgiveness and respect we need to be loving, compassionate, forgiving and respectful to ourselves first. It’s the same way when it comes to kindness. A simple, “Hey you look awesome!” in the mirror before taking off to work or school in the morning can be the difference one needs in having a great day. Or, giving yourself more credit when it comes to the things you struggle with. We are all fighting some sort of battle within ourselves, instead of making it worse by telling yourself  that you’ll never be good enough- replace that negativity with words of affirmation: “I am good enough, it’s going to be okay, I’ll do better next time.” The more you practice kindness within yourself the more you’ll be able to spread it onto others because— kindness starts with who? Kindness starts with you!

2. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

Studies have shown that as human beings we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day.  On average, That’s about 2,900 thoughts an hour! Right now you’re probably thinking that’s not true and you want to go to google and check to see if these numbers are true or maybe your checking my math to make sure I did that calculation correct and now you’re wondering what you’re going to have for lunch and you may be wondering if you’ll have enough time to finish this blog before you go back to either scrolling your newsfeed or getting back to work. Do you see that even in a matter of seconds your mind will start the jump from one thought to another? At least, that’s how my mind operates. We need to take control of this wild puppy so that it helps us stay on track in becoming a kinder version of ourselves.

Our thoughts matter and they are very important. To make it simple. If you think bad, you feel bad which leads to bad behavior. On the flip side if you have happy or joyous
thoughts you will feel happy which leads to good behavior. It’s that simple. I’m no psychologist, but I do know that we as human beings have mental freedom. We can not
control our circumstances but one thing we can control is our thoughts, decisions and the words we choose to put out into the world. Keep in mind that our thoughts, decisions and
words will affect other people, but more importantly they will affect the individual whose thinking those thoughts. Whether good or bad those thoughts will eventually become
ideas, ideas will then become words, words turn into behaviors, behaviors then turn into habits. One of my favorite quotes is: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” What you think
about most of the time is who we ultimately become. We literally have to think kindness. Be more mindful of the things you watch, listen and read because kindness starts with who? Kindness starts with you!

3. Find the Good in You

As individuals we all have strengths and weaknesses. A great way for you to become a kinder version of yourself is to find out what YOUR strengths and weaknesses are. Once you find out what you’re good at or what you really love to do you’ll be able to stay focused and master the thing or things you were put on this planet to do. Once you grow in confidence with your strengths you’ll be able to work on your weaknesses. This will help you see the good in others, which will make you more encouraging, supportive in helping others succeed and in return you’ll receive the help you need on the stuff that you need to become better. Remember, the weaknesses that you possesses is another persons strengths and vice versa.

Together, we as the human race can help each other become a kinder version of ourselves. But it first has to start with you. If we really want to be the change we want to see in the world then
we must make it a priority to be kind to ourselves. If we are all on team KIND we all have an important role to play because Kindness stays with who? Kindness Starts with you!


Miguel Rodriguez School Speaker

Miguel Rodriguez School Speaker

Written by Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel Rodriguez is a first generation Mexican-American.  Miguel’s parents migrated to the United States in the mid 70’s residing in Southern California. Growing up, Miguel didn’t speak english. His teachers would speak to him in Spanish to cater to ‘Mexican kid’. To Miguel, this seemed normal. . . until his family moved 3,000 miles away to primarily white suburbia area in Northwestern Pennsylvania. And this is when Miguel went into a self-identity crisis.

At an early age, Miguel lived through what many young people face today, not fitting in or being accepted by their peers.  Miguel experienced many personal struggles and obstacles as he grew up and then one day he had an awakening.  Miguel now travels the country encouraging students of all ages to embrace who they are and how they must protect themselves from any doubt, discouragement or negativity.