Who can I help? Three Questions to Ask

Spontaneous random kindness can’t be planned. It is philosophy in action. What if you want to begin a longer term project to practice kindness- a plan that can influence your social circles and perhaps inspire kindness in others?

Ask yourself these three questions. Keep it simple, but don’t discard an idea that seems far fetched.

1. What can I do?  You have a skill set that could benefit others —  everyone does. It may not seem obvious to you but there is someone that could really use your help with what you do best. It doesn’t have to be your trade, it could be a special interest or hobby. Someone finds a task that you love overwhelming. You could help them get started or do it for them.

2. Who needs help? Take a good look at your community. There are opportunities to get involved everywhere. If groups are asking for resources it may be exactly what you have to give. You have to look though, step outside of your comfort zone and do some research on what is going on right now. It might not be your usual circle but if you have a skill and an open heart it could give you a chance to expand your kindness bubble.

3. Who is looking for the same things?   To multiply your kindness effect, you can recruit others. Think of someone that has the same skills or special interest. You could partner to benefit the same group. If you show up to help and bring a kindness crusade with you the effect can be enormous. Many hands make light work. When you have a similar goal and work together toward a specific, personally meaningful good that will benefit others directly- the work can become light AND kind.