Classroom Kindness Activities

*Giving a book to her 'Mission Possible' recipient*

*Giving a book to her ‘Mission Possible’ recipient*

Being kind to others is something that everyone should be doing every day. But in our society where everything is often rushed and everyone is so busy, sometimes kindness gets forgotten! Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of amazing acts of kindness happening every day but my point is that we all sometimes need a little reminder of how good it feels to do something nice for another person.

So who better to help focus on being kind to others than kids!? In general, kids want to have fun and do nice things and if you put those two things together, how could it not be successful!? After a quick search of fun kindness ideas for kids, I came across a great idea for “Mission Possible” (think “Mission Impossible” but with a more positive twist!). I checked with my kids’ teachers to see if we could do this Kindness program in their classes and they were happy to oblige. Here’s the breakdown of our Classroom Kindness Activity:

• Each child in each class will receive a manila envelope with their name across the top along with the words TOP SECRET in bright red letters (remember the fun element mentioned above!?).

• Inside, each student will receive their mission! Each child who chooses to accept the mission will be required to do a random act of service or kindness for another person for 7 days, but here’s the catch! They can’t let the person know that they are working on a mission – they must just do the kind act out of just that…KINDNESS!

• Also included in the envelope are ideas that the students could use to complete their mission; secretly clean out Mom or Dad’s car; write a nice note to someone telling them how much they are appreciated; help a neighbor with a chore; take out the trash without being asked; help a friend at school who might be struggling. The options are endless.

Approximately 50 students in a 5th and 2nd grade classroom will be participating with this program and will be turning in their list of kind acts to their teachers after the week is complete! Check back in a few weeks for how the kids did and I will fill you in on how one small project can make a big impact!

Wishing you much kindness…