EP: 09 | Bully To Advocate The Story of Jessie Funk

She went from being bullied to becoming the bully. . . then creating a career to be an advocate to help those who both bullied and are bullies. Phew, talk about full-circle. Jessie Funk has two masters degree, in the home-run stretch of her Phd and is currently a therapist for male teens. She is considered one of the nations Top Youth Speakers, a mother of 2 and also the co-founder of CharityU. We decided to take her from the host of this podcast to a guest. Yup, Jessie jumps in the hot seat for today’s amazing episode.


Big Episode Take-A-Ways

  • What sparked her passion to change the world
  • How do you know you are on the right path
  • Why name your charity, “Ive Girl Academy”
  • The ‘Business’ of running a Charity
  • What makes a good board member
  • Your first money generating tactics
  • What would you do different
  • You most embarrassing speaking stories

Things Mentioned In This Episode

Ivy Girl Academy
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