The Synergy of Community Kindness

Because of recent events in Ferguson, Mo. and many other locations across the nation involving police brutality or the perception of police brutality, there have been many instances of violence against innocent police officers that have been targeted solely on the basis that they wear the uniform.  One could watch or read the news and assume that there is a vast cultural, political, and ideological divide between the people and the law enforcement officers.  What the media frequently fails to mention are the other instances of peace and support.

Would our society blame all dental professionals for one bad dentist? Probably not. We would look at each dental practice individually. But why are so many willing to look at all police officers as racist or unnecessarily aggressive when most are here to protect and serve? Not all communities perceive their police force to be the enemy, and I am proud to say I live in such a community.  With all the tragedy happening around us, we sometimes miss out on seeing the moments of kindness.

Very recently, one of our local police officers, Officer Pearson, responded to a call for back up in regards to suspicious activity. He approached a couple of people standing around and a man runs away, he ran after the suspect. A few moments later Officer Pearson was shot in the head. Somehow he managed to live. The bullet left him with career ending injuries and many years of rehab and physical therapy in his future. Officer Pearson has a wife, two young children, and a future of financial hardship that follows long term in-patient treatment. Our community immediately responded with an outpouring of love, support, and charity like none that I have seen previously. There were so many organizations holding benefit concerts and fundraisers. Our dojo, private businesses, community organizations, etc. were all involved.  One fundraiser alone raised over $20,000. Our children’s elementary school even had a fundraiser. 

One kind person could not have done this, no matter how kind. It took an entire community full of kind people, kind businesses, and kind organizations to make it happen. Our community stood behind him and his family and said “You are not alone, you are our family, and we will continue to be here for you.

If you would like to offer your support, please contact us at; subject: Support for Officer Pearson.  For more information, check out

Now go forth and exercise your kindness muscles. Make acts of kindness a daily habit. Make someone’s day and help to create a better world by being a Superhero for Kindness.


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